About Us

"How did you get started?”


One of the most frequently asked questions, and our favorite to answer.

It all began during our engagement. In preparation for our wedding I asked Adrian “what are you gifting the groomsmen?” Puzzled, he thought about how much he appreciated his boys and wanted to get them something unique. Maybe handmade. As is his nature, Adrian thought of something earthy, that they could use while camping and hiking the Appalachian trail during the bachelor get away.

Weeks later he came back to me and said: “I’m thinking I’ll make them some wooden mugs, and they can even use them at the wedding” Needless to say the mugs were a huge hit, with the groomsmen and with everyone who came in contact with them in Virginia. Our family and friends raved about them on our wedding day and soon after we started to get inquires... a lot of inquires.

The rest is truly history. He taught me how to make them and now we are both pouring our love, craft, and vision into each mug.